Timberland or Wolverine?

I’ve been a happy Timberland camper but this last order made me bewildered.

First, are the insoles: are they being chopped off?

Upon checking with them, I’m told it’s the design.

Hmmmm… I think I much prefer the full length rather than just the heels (and arches). Sole cushioning is as important. Do you prefer to have full length? Or half as in this photo?

I truth them very much, so didn’t check anything when I checked out.

Now looking at the invoice did I see the shipping charge of $14. I was under the impression that the shipping is free. 

So upon checking (again … ) I was told the $14 is the discount.

They do have an odd way to label their services and merchandises. 

Third, the delivery date. 

I ordered one item today and picked the 3-4 business day delivery. Today is Monday, July 8, the item should be here by Friday the lattes, which would be July 12. But on their site, it says the estimate date is July 15. I give up on trying to count. Chinese isn’t known for good math skill, I think -:)

So … I’m wondering, if it’s time to try Wolverine boots? 

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