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Oh boy…

It looks so odd, especially in today’s climate. I’m not going to comment on Thailand and its king but on the Times of London.

In 1979 when I first arrived in HK, learning English was one of my priorities. And I remembered clearly how haughty the male teacher said that he “only read South China Morning Post.”

Back to my point. After that male teacher’s declaration, soon I found New York Times and Times of London are two leading newspapers in the world (side leaning isn’t the point of discussion here). SCMP is a good paper but I suppose, how small Hong Kong is, how big is the scmp.

Now, upon reading the title, I wondered, is Times in the race with the gossip dailies for the eyeballs? Shame and sad.


初去香港学英文… 记得清清楚楚那个男老师骄傲的说 “我只看南华早报” 虽然他那港音英文挺难听的 (香港有多小南华早报就有多大)

后来知道纽约时报 伦敦时报是报业的佼佼者 (偏左或右不在这个讨论之中)

… 这是伦敦时报的报道.


嗯 俺舔了国王的…

笑一笑 世界好美妙

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